Kathleen Moore offered a session on May 16.

Kathleen is a certified AWA workshop facilitator. She hosted a workshop called “Untold Stories.”


Anticipated Grief

by Gail Snyder

It’s night time there

my mother will be sleeping now

And my sisters

each with their dog nestled 

beside them on the bed

And my brother

whom I have seen just a handful of times

in the past forty years

And his grandkids

whom I have never met

There, the eucalypts will be gathering dew

as the night air cools

and I bustle about my day

Here, longing to hear the call of kookaburras

and to see my mother

just one more time



by Melissa Brooks


The Gray Hairs


The Stiffening and Hurting Bones


The Dimming of My Eyes


The Inability to Hear Clearly

There was me, 

dark brown hair, 

There was me, 

vibrant, strong and full of vitality

When did the exchange happen? 

I don’t recall the first Gray Hair, but this Gray, stands as an expression, 

The Me, with experiences and great wisdom.  

The Me, my stiff bones, tells a story of many roads traveled 

 Me and My dim eyes are a testament of the many things I have seen. 

Can’t Hear, Can you repeat please?

I kiss the Younger Me Goodbye to Embrace the Brand New Me

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