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This writing was done in Vera Dyck’s Vagina Monologuing workshop during last year’s WAW.


Untitled by Christie Turano

There have been many but none so much in my memory that I can recall. I later got fewer and fewer so that they disappeared altogether. Too much fun, no need for a face-to-face acknowledgement of personhood. At first it was like a carnival ride thrilling each time and different then it became so routine it was boring. I never can quite remember when it became work the meeting not kissing and then going right to it. You know the old saying “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”, with no feelings or care. But it wasn’t like that, exactly because it was all part of my interviewing process. I never took money from them because that would have shown I was desperate, and I couldn’t take care of myself, and I had to be the one who did that – take care of myself! But the work of finding a husband and doing only that however noble, you know like following the commandment to be fruitful and multiply the earth was taking me further and further away from myself to when at the last I couldn’t find myself in the room sometimes. So busy looking to snag me a man, I left myself behind.