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This writing was done in Lisa Colburn and Summer Hardinge’s workshop during last year’s WAW.


Loon Calls by Kristin W. Davis

 A loon   her chick   on the lake

we’re on the phone   I ride

rise and fall   listen for tone

is she    of the current    separating,

closer again   a brief hoot

overwhelmed   as they drift?

Her tremolo  “I am here”

reassurance.  I feel it

in my body   my red eye

striped collar   the throat

tight   mother loon

plunges   my gut curdles

She surfaces   no fish

a croak    must swallow

the chick   climbs her back

nestles    gray down    deep

fluid tones    under mother’s

stiff wing   no matter how taut

I have no air     I must

sing anyway.