This year-end, #AWAhonorsPat

Your gift today will sustain Pat Schneider’s legacy when we need her work most.

The experience of writing has improved the lives of countless people. It has proven health benefits. So does the act of sharing writing, of connecting with and being respected by others. Has writing in an AWA group or retreat been helpful to you? Would you like to extend that gift to others?

When Pat developed this method, she could have held tightly to it. She created an amazing community in Amherst, MA and keeping it going was work enough. Instead, she chose to offer the guidelines and principles to anyone who could benefit.

You can make that choice, too. Your donation of any amount today will provide low- and no-cost spaces in each training session in 2021 for BIPOC writers. It will provide additional aid for anyone who can’t afford the full fee.


Our goal this year isn’t a certain amount of money. We know many of you are not in a position to give financially. Instead, we hope to raise awareness about AWA, to invite more writers into our community. As the saying goes, many hands make light work.

If your gift is small, we thank you sharing what you can. If your gift is large, we are grateful you can make up for those who aren’t able to donate this year. Whatever the amount of your gift, please tell people about it.

We invite you to use the hashtag #AWAhonorsPat to share some writing from an AWA writing session or some words about what AWA means to you. If your profile is public, AWA will respond the way we do in workshop: with what’s strong, what stays with us. We’ll also thank you with an opportunity to join an online writing session led by AWA board members in 2021. Not sure what to do with a hashtag? Here’s a detailed guide.

So many people—writers, workshop leaders, supporters of the arts, advocates for education—have made contributions to our mission throughout 2020. We had a successful online Write Around the World in May and donations in Pat’s honor have been moving us since her passing in August. When you fund our work today, we will add your name to our list of incredible supporters.