AWA Press CelebrationAmherst Writers & Artists Press was founded in 1983 with two missions: to publish and support the work of emerging and established writers; and to cross boundaries of class, race and other difference by using writing as a tool of empowerment, giving voice to the silenced.

In our thirty-four-year history, we have published thirty-eight books, most of them designed by the national and international award-winning book designer, Barbara Werden. Peregrine, published since 1983, is our literary journal. We released its 31st volume of poetry and fiction last spring, making it one of the longer-lived independent literary journals in the country. Manuscripts of poetry and fiction may be sent to Peregrine during its open submission period. We encourage simultaneous submission. We are not, at this time, accepting submissions for book-length manuscripts.

AWA Press Staff
Editor in Chief: Jan Haag
Publisher: Pat and Peter Schneider
Editorial Committee, AWA Board of Directors: Lane Goddard, Karen Buchinsky

Peregrine Staff
Managing EditorEllen Summers
Fiction EditorJanet Summers
Poetry EditorRachelle Parker


Amherst Writers & Artists Press

Complete List Of 38 Books Published 1983 – 2017
(Most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom)


Author/Editor Title ISBN
Summers, Ellen Spooner’s Cove 978-0-9909095-4-5
Fahy, Annie The Glass Train 978-0-9909095-2-1
Reber, Peggy Travel by Night 978-0-9909095-1-4
Haag, Janis Companion Spirit 0-941895-36-X
Jones, Maureen Buchanan blessed are the menial chores 0-941895-35-1
Bilyak, Dianne Against The Turning 0-941895-34-3
Schneider, Pat. Wake Up Laughing (Reprint of book originally published by Negative Capability Press,

ISBN 0-942544-54-4)

Halter, Frances Zeal 0-941895-33-5
Schneider, Peter Line Fence 0-941895-32-7
Schneider, Pat Another River 0-941895-30-0
Bray, Sharon A Healing Journey/ Writing Together Through Breast Cancer 0-941895-29-7
Wood, Joan Marie Her Voice Is Blackberries 0-941895-28-9
Hicks, Alison Love, A Story of Images 0-941895-27-0
Schneider, Pat The Patience of Ordinary Things 0-941895-26-2
Riel, Steven The Spirit Can Crest 0-941895-25-4
Bentley, Dick Post-Freudian Dreaming 0-941895-24-6
Walker, Sue Blood Must Bear Your Name: Poems 0-941895-23-8
Powell, Mary Clare Things Owls Ate: Poems 0-941895-21-1
Adams, Paula Sheller. This Little Space: Poems 978-0-941895-20-3
Therrien, Robin. Voices from the ‘Hood: How to Start and Sustain a Writing Workshop for Youth at Risk 0-941895-18-1
Schneider, Pat Olive Street Transfer: Poems 0-941895-17-3
Creating a Community of Women Writers 0-941895-16-5
Balter, Frances The River’s Bend 0-941895-15-7
O’Shea-Noonan, Mary-Beth Hungry Grass 0-941895-14-9
Van Noord, Barbara Bosma The Three Hands of God 0-941895-13-0
Kenseth, Arnold The Ritual Year 0-941895-12-2
Schneider, Pat Long Way Home: Poems 0-941895-11-4
Riel, Steven How To Dream: Poems 0-941895-10-6
Edelstein, Carol The World Is Round: Poems 0-941895-09-2
Robison, Margaret Red Creek: A Requiem 0-941895-08-4
Anderson, Doug The Bamboo Bridge: Poems 0-941895-07-6
Vogel, Anna K. The Alchemist’s Retort: Poems 0-941895-06-8
Gleason, Kate Making As If to Sing: Poems 0-941895-05-X
Schneider, Pat. – Edited by In Our Own Voices 0-941895-04-1
Zeiger, Gene Sudden Dancing:Poems 0-941895-03-3
Ganzel, Barbar An Afterlife For Children: Poems 0-941895-02-5
Sadler, Janet L. A Case Against Old Habits: Poems 0-941895-01-7
Schneider, Pat White River Junction: Poems 0-941895-00-9