Thank you for supporting AWA in 2021!

Your generosity connects writers with opportunities to create, to share their work, and to receive feedback on their unique strengths.

This year, AWA is fundraising to start a new, monthly program offering free writing workshops. We plan to partner with organizations that are currently serving communities that would benefit from the AWA method. We want to bring AWA to them directly, at no cost, potentially igniting an ongoing collaboration. Please help us pay AWA Affiliates to lead these groups so that their time and expertise is honored!

We’ll make sure to share the outcome of this program with you, offering you prompts from the writing sessions, sharing stories from the participants, and letting you know what your donation has made possible.

If we raise enough money to start that program, we have plans for the rest! We are always able to use more financial assistance for our training and affiliate programs. We started the Kate Hymes and Lane Goddard scholarships last year and are so grateful for them. Together, they provide at least $3000 of financial assistance in every training to BIPOC writers and those facing financial barriers.

Since then, we’ve had so many amazing writers reach out and ask for help attending the training. Your gift of any amount can help make the difference for those workshop leaders. Every dollar you donate continues to give as each AWA-trained workshop leader goes on to help writers grow and thrive.