Susan Buttenwieser offered a session on May 4.

Susan’s writing workshop was an opportunity to share feelings about life during the pandemic in a safe and supportive environment where participants connected through writing. Poems by Ada Limon, Maggie Smith and Maya Angelou were shared for inspiration and participants were provided time to generate new writing.


by Christie Turano

I feel like a broken piano, the rain, my sadness, a half a million people dead from disease and those cut down in our streets because of the color of their skin and this because of a government gone rouge. I hear a cacophony in the sound of the rain yet I welcome it. Maybe it will bring healing, insight, and growth, pesticide reform, farm worker social justice, homes for the homeless and health care for all! All of us have risked and lost so much and some more than others. We need a monsoon – a deluge to grow us a more compassionate heart. This desert of pain needs a monsoon to feel again.

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