Sinéad MacDevitt offered sessions on May 7 and 14.

Sinéad has been leading workshops for Children and Young Adults since 2008.  She trained to be an AWA facilitator in 2020. Connect with Sinéad on Facebook:  fb/WritersWand2022

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If I didn’t take that road by Brenda Jacobsen

If I didn’t take that road I would have noticed the narrow deer paths.

If I didn’t take that road I would have rested inside an emerald green woodland. Pressing my hands upon rocks and roots that are covered in velvety verdant moss. A magical place of fairies and dancing sprites.

If I didn’t take that road I would have found the Atlantic, the aroma of fish and salt intermingling through misty rolling fog. Where both sky and water share the same gray tone and my feet must remain planted on the stonied beach.

If I didn’t take that road I would have found shelter for the night inside a windowless stone cottage and that would have made a difference.

Instead, I chose an unfamiliar path that meandered around wild pink rose bushes and stubby blueberry thickets and overhead the hooting of a snowy owl. All of which left me turning in irregular circles for days.

Juices, Choices by Kimberly Lee

David grabbed the oversized plastic bottle, unscrewed the ridiculously bright lime green cap, then took a long swig. His mother would have hated it, this drinking straight from the container. His father would have glance up from behind his newspaper, chuckling. His mother loved the juice, a cranberry-grape affair bought in bulk from Costco. His father never touched it—he didn’t like hybrids of any kind—cars, plants, and definitely not juice. “Which is it,” he’d grumble. “Cranberry or grape? A beverage should make a choice.”

When it came to choices, David had two. Go over to Gayle’s apartment, flowers under his elbow, charming words on his lips, ready to present a tiny robin’s egg-colored box filled with her childhood Barbie bridal fantasies. Or let her run off with the new guy, the one he called Steakhouse Geoffrey, and continue drinking his indecisive juice.

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