Mary Weatherup offered sessions on May 21 & 27.

Mary Weatherup is a writer and an AWA certified workshop facilitator currently living in San Diego. She has a master’s degree in English Literature and worked for many years as a professional writing tutor at the Villanova University Writing Center outside of Philadelphia.


Daily Affirmation

by Lara Bridger

I am not waiting for permission from my father.

I am not waiting for a sunnier day or a perkier butt.

I am not waiting for the moment to be right. 

I am writing. 

I am not waiting for hot coffee.

I am not even waiting for a good idea.

I am not waiting to live the life 

that will make me interesting enough to write. 

I am writing. 

I am not waiting for applause.

I am not waiting for a writing priest 

to baptize me with holy ink.

I am not waiting to get so drunk 

I can’t even find my inhibitions.

I am not waiting to get a tattoo that says Courage 

to give me enough courage to be courageous.

I am naked and jumping in.

I am writing.

I am not waiting to die. 

I am already dying. 

I can’t wait for what’s wrong to somehow feel right.

That’s what the writing is for.

That’s what the writing is for.

That’s what the writing is for.

I am not waiting to write,

I am writing.


by Hannah Smith

I am from an adventurous streak 

A temporary tattoo on my tits

Island hopping off the coast of Belize, San Pedro to Caye Caulker

6 months in Mooloolaba with Paul the professional athlete, living his dream, allowing mine

to siphon and slip away 

1 month in Costa Rica teaching English and drinking boxed wine for the first time

6 more months in Cronulla, a beachside paradise one hour from Sydney

alone but trying so hard not to be

I am from Greyhound buses shuttling my body and heart between Manhattan and Boston

commuting for sex 

turned to love 

turned to loss 

I am from scrambling up Bear Peak 

hands, toes, and knees clinging, curling around the boulders 

following Jesse to the pinnacle,

following Jesse anywhere

I dog the footsteps of men

Confusing adventure with dependency 

Confusing partnership with sacrifice 

For the first time I am the leader, and I am pointing the compass home

to the plot of land 

where I was sown

where I sprouted 

where remnants of my roots remain despite my history of ripping and running.

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