Carla Hanson offered a session on May 2.

Carla is a retired high school English teacher who works with a variety of writers. She’s interested in place writing, spiritual/healing writing, and creative nonfiction. In this workshop, she provided prompts designed to nourish and/or jumpstart the writing practice.


by Jennifer Kahnweiler

The song “Love letters in the sand” comes to mind. Photos of me as a toddler pretend swimming on the muddy shore line. Mom and my Aunt Arline grew up a minute’s walk from the Atlantic Ocean and the sand never left their minds and hearts. When I was with them they seemed so at home there. Did mom ever dive into the huge waves the way her sister did? When did she stop? Was it when she became a mom? I only remember being in the water with Dad, maybe in a pool – only the shallow part since he never learned to swim in Brooklyn. He took lessons when he was older and we made fun of his stroke and so did he. I became a good swimmer.  I loved losing myself in the water. Mom and Dad were very proud of the badges I would rack up. I didn’t care about them, except that one from the lake swim at camp. The beach was a place that was made up of happy times; ice cream at 2 p.m., laughs with other families and talk – lots of it. The sand, just the sound of the word makes me smile.

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