Ashley Schein offered a session on May 19.

Ashley is an AWA Affiliate, certified to lead workshops in the AWA method. She currently leads a workshop with a group of men and women of mixed ages.

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Fix by Loren MccRory

Mosaics, broken pieces pulling toward wholeness,
Collages juxtaposing moments of connection,
Mashups piecemeal montages, 
Everything is plural;
Yet all…is one;
“I am that”
And the circle is…

Untitled by Laura Seldon

“What happened to you in your teenage years,” he asked. “What broke you?”

Her response was hesitant. The answer wasn’t there.

“What was it that stunted you?” he asked. He was right. She was 30 but carried her emotions
like a teenager.

“Have you tried journaling to find the answer?” he continued.

She could feel his questions triggering an old anger. An anger that to her felt so unexplained
there could be no answer for its existence.

“I think it just appeared. Sort of like the Big Bang Theory.”

“But you know that’s not true,” he said slowly, calmly. “You need to look deep within. What is
the point of living if we are not growing along with everything else in nature? Flowers bloom
because they allow themselves the space to do so. Humans must learn from this and do the

She looked across dirty convenience store counter at the man standing across from her. “Carl, is
it?” she read from his name tag.

“Indeed. It means ‘free man.’”

“I come in here every morning for my dollar coffee and a pack of smokes, Carl. And this
conversation is not making me feel very free. You’re new right? I tell ya what. Why don’t you
meditate on what just happened here and maybe journal on it a bit too… and then give me the
play by play tomorrow when I’m back in here to blow my daily budget on some Camels and
stale coffee. You wanna dig for this shit, then you go find it.”

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