April Boyington Wall offered a session on May 6.

Initially trained as a social worker and therapist, April moved into business consulting early in her career and eventually taught and mentored graduate students in management. She has worked as an executive coach and has designed and led training programs in communications in organizations across Canada and the United States, as well as authoring articles for academic journals and professional publications, reports, case studies, role-play materials, employee manuals and instructor guides. She has been facilitating AWA writing sessions since 2014.


by Christie Turano

Try and worry while watching Victor Borge at the piano and his punctuation- sound effects, the
expressions on his face, priceless and all concerns fade to the background. During COVID I have spent
more time than I would want to admit watching YouTube videos of animals performing outrageous
antics: a bear family playing on an outdoor hammock, spinning it to flip off a sister- brother cub, the
huge lumbering mother, usurping the swinging bed for herself, pushing off her off-spring seriously
playful and her small Cubs batting back at her, then a wrestling match with sibling cub and then one
with mama bear. The restrained power of this parent bear is palatable as she plays with her babies and
makes my heart melt. Another favorite is seeing a bear luxuriant in a hot tub on a deck while the home
owner simultaneously films while keeping a running narrative of disbelief, “OH MY GOD, OH MY
GOD,” over and over again! So much fun to distract myself from the monstrous concerns in the world
watching a family of bears diving into a swimming pool, splashing about and a cub trying to figure out
just what to do with a beach ball, because it will not stay still and he keeps rolling off of it. Mindless
minutes enjoyed and needed to restore my mental, physical and spiritual balance. They gave me a
renewed sense of goodwill for the natural world and the wild creatures we share and enjoy it with.

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