Alexis Collazo offered a session on May 11.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Alexis M. Collazo writes in a wide variety of styles, forms and genres. She has worked as a freelance writer, website copywriter and content marketing blogger. Most recently, she has contributed to and DIY MFA’s 5onFri blog series. She offers a variety of workshops online from her current home in Pennsylvania. Visit for information on current and upcoming workshops.

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Transplant by Susan Wadds

I am a woman with a young man’s memories, a disheveled young man’s yearnings, and a reckless young man’s weaknesses. I am an opera-loving, middle-aged woman with a decent husband and a refined life. I am a woman who now breathes without strain, walks without pause, and sleeps with relative assurance that she will wake.

While waiting, I found that twenty-nine years was the longest living heart, the average being twelve point five years. For lungs the longest was almost fifteen years, the average being eight. Knowing that I wouldn’t be fortunate enough to simply wake up dead but rather, without intervention, I’d continue my suffocating decline, I would take the least number of years—should someone be generous enough to die.

The good doctor assures me that this memory of a wild ride in the night rain, this sudden taste for all things fried and a distaste for classical music, has to do with renewed vitality and not with a young man called Daniel.

Untitled by Alexis Collazo

I am reformed and reenvisioned

Looking for something deeper

A grounding force connecting

With the grand plan

I am just a small piece of

The infinite Universe

No longer lost but still

Looking for a place to fit

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